As they pursue a degree, college students across Upstate New York can find affordable and dependable vehicles in Schenectady, NY at Capitaland Motors. Our GMC dealership in Glenville, NY is home to some of the best cars for college students as they continue their education journey.

Between our bargain inventory, new inventory, and used inventory, there's a model that's perfect for every college student. Navigate your college years with one of these new or used vehicles from Capitaland Motors.

Which Vehicles in Schenectady, NY Are Best Suited for College Students?

Because most college students are solo drivers, sedans, compact crossovers, and smaller vehicles work well. Affordability is also important. That's why we offer affordable used cars and even more budget-friendly vehicles in our bargain inventory.

Popular Models College Students Will Find on Our Glenville, NY Lot

  • GMC Terrain
  • Honda Civic
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Subaru Crosstrek
  • Chevy Trax
  • and more!

College students from Colonie, NY may be interested in a new GMC crossover like the GMC Terrain. In addition to high fuel economy ratings, this new GMC compact SUV offers plenty of cargo space for all your belongings on trips to and from your college campus in Albany, NY.

Other smaller crossovers like a used Chevy Trax or pre-owned Volkswagen Tiguan are affordable options. A used Subaru Crosstrek is another compact crossover that's the perfect size for Schenectady, NY college students.

Due to their high fuel economy ratings and exceptional handling, used sedans like a pre-owned Honda Civic and a pre-owned Volkswagen Passat are top options for Troy college students.

Test Drive a New or Used Vehicle Around Schenectady, NY Ahead of the Upcoming College Year

Before embarking on your college journey or your next semester in Albany, NY, be sure to have the keys to an affordable and reliable vehicle. Capitaland Motors sells a variety of cars for college students as they continue their education.

Contact our sales experts with a call or click to schedule a test drive around Schenectady, NY in a new or used car and to see which available models are best suited for your college years.